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Kitchen Cabinet Painting - Affordable Renovation Projects

The Kitchen is the most impactful room in a home and it’s where we spend a good amount of our time. If you are considering selling your home, the kitchen will also be the most influential room in visual aesthetics and value for buyers. Renovation costs can also be quite high especially nowadays with the cost of materials skyrocketing.

This kitchen (home in Cotswold) was originally renovated back in the early 2000s when dark wood cabinets were the trend. All of the cabinets, countertops, and appliances were replaced back then. We have been slowly making upgrades and recently added engineered hardwood floors which are much lighter in color. The original cabinets are good quality cabinets but were looking ‘old’ and dark and needed an upgrade.

The cost of replacing the cabinets was way too expensive and would have been a monumental task requiring the kitchen to be unusable for an extended amount of time. This is when we started investigating cabinet painting.  The cost savings was the biggest benefit along with being able to use the kitchen (carefully) throughout the process.

Kitchen cabinet painting - before Kitchen cabinet painting - after

You can do this project yourself and save some money but I do recommend using a professional for the best results and quickest turnaround time. The project still took about 1 week to complete. Make sure you use high-quality “Cabinet” paints (like Benjamin Moore) which are more durable and less likely to chip and scratch. 

First, we needed to choose the color(s) of paint. We decided to go with white on the main cabinets and dark emerald green for the island to add some contrast. We chose a professional to do the painting as our time was limited.

The next step is the prep work of removing all the cabinet doors and drawer faces and door handle hardware. Our door handle hardware was good quality brass so we decide to keep it instead of replacing it and just clean it up a bit. The painters then add painter tape around all the edges of floors and walls where the cabinets meet and drop cloths to protect the floor, countertops, and appliances.

Then all of the cabinets and wiped down to remove and grime and grease and lightly sanded to prepare the surface for the primer. All surfaces to be painted needed to be primed first which requires a day to cure.  Once dry and cleaned up for any drip marks, the real painting begins. 

Most of the painting was sprayed for best results. It required at least two coats of paint (with a day to dry between coats) to get the desired results. Even then, some touchups were required. If using a professional, be sure to get extra paint for touchups and the name of the paint colors used. After completion, it was recommended to be careful using the cabinet doors for a least a week. 

6 months later, we are still happy we did this project. We do need to do some touch-ups now and then but overall it still looks great.  Lighting makes a big impact on the look and color of your kitchen. We upgraded all of our under-counter, high-hat, and island lights to all LED lighting which provided a more natural white light vs. the yellowish color of incandescent light bulbs.

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